Arricay: A Meal Kit Restaurant

In 2017, the meal kit industry was valued at 4.65 billion U.S. dollars, representing 300 percent growth over the previous year. By 2022, the market is expected to more than double, reaching 11.6 billion dollars. How can a restaurant adapt and compete with this new service?

To start, we did some concept mapping to figure out who our users should be as well as the tone for the restaurant.

Following the theme of Meal kits and making food, we wanted a diy theme for the restaurant. To do this, my partner cut out letters in cardboard and I made a potato stamp to get us started!

Here is an isometric view of the whole restuarant that I put together. Let’s zoom in and look at some of the important touchpoints!

The menu would follow the diy theme with stamped type and imagery, making each menu unique.

The meal kits would come with the recipe wrapped around the box and could be purchased from the cooler at the front, the waiters, or online.

I made the gable box using 3d modeling software and rendered it in adobe dimension.

The employees would wear craft aprons featuring Arricay’s colors and could be customized based on their preference.

The app would allow users to order food and meal kits remotely and track their orders. Here is a clickthrough of how someone could order through the app.