A retro arcade and video game inspired logo made for a Barcade based in Midland, MI.

KEF Marketing Solutions

A freelance marketing firm.


How does a brick-and-mortar restaurant compete with the rising meal kit industry? For Arricay restaurant, it starts with a brand system complete with packaging, advertisements, app and a physical space layout.

Let's Go Marketing

Let’s Go Marketing is an informative digital board game designed to inform players more about marketing programs at ferris state university. It was adapted from a physical game.


For those who are receptive to self care but do not know what actually works, Thrive is a plant store with traveling truck stores that specializes in helping people learn how to take care of plants that inspire them to take care of themselves.


How can retirees add value to their TV time? Telepeeps allows retirees to connect with others and discuss the TV they enjoy.


1 in 5 students struggle with dyslexia in both school and their home life. Made using user research, Lexi is an app designed through collaborative work to assist these students at both school and home.


Do you like to get tech news and goodies but don't know where to go? That's where HI-TECH, a monthly tech loot crate, comes in. This service features editorial design, data merging, and elements of a brand system.

Whirl Ice Cream

When you have trouble deciding what ice cream flavor to pick, or just want a fun new experience, Whirl is there with it's spinning flavor wheel created by prototype building and user testing.

Hope House

Hope House is a free medical clinic in Big Rapids, Michigan. They needed a new page on their site in order to share news with their patients and donors, which is where I came in.