Lexi: An App for Students with Dyslexia

Hello, my name is Lexi! For 13-18 year old students who struggle with reading, writing, and spelling, Lexi is an educational app that collects specialized tools to help students in everyday life and in school. Lexi is the only app for dyslexic students that provides tools for school and everyday life in reading, writing, and grammar.

To start, we spoke to some dyslexic students and teachers and got some great insight on how to help them.

For the process, we started by deciding what features we wanted and roughly where they would go. From there, we moved onto some sketches, where we worked through how the app would be laid out.

After logging in, the user has the option of either immediately using a tool or jumping to work on homework.

Now that the camera is pulled up, position it nicely and take a picture!

During user testing we found out that it was better to have the icons in the bottom navigation so they were always available.

After the scan is complete, the words with appear in text form, which can be read aloud or saved to view later.

After you choose a folder, simply press “add to archives.”

This is just one of the tools availble through Lexi. The voice to text and Text to audio features work similarly to that of the camera.

Once the teacher sends the assignment, the student gets a notification.

From the homework dashboard, you can choose to look at your assignments.

The assignments and their due dates are visible here. The student can work on the assignments here as well.

When finished, the assignment can be submitted to whatever online portal the school uses!

If you wish to view the full clickable prototype, just click on this link!


Where does it end? well, it never really does. Moving forward, we would do more user testing to find other points of confusion and improvement. Thank you for viewing up to this point, and I hope to see you back in the future to see how i’ve progressed!